Cookie Policy

1. Introduction
Our website uses cookies to optimize the user experience. Please read this Cookie Policy before using this website. By continuing to browse this website, you consent to us obtaining and using your cookie information in accordance with this Cookie Policy.
2. What are cookies?
A cookie is a function that enables your browser to temporarily store the information when you visit this website. Cookies allow us to obtain information such as the number of visits to this website and the pages visited from your device.
3. Purpose of use of cookies
This website collects data on the status of its usage by visitors, such as how they use this website, and uses cookies for enhancing the performance of the website and improving the quality of the information provided to the customers.
4. About cookies used on our website
The cookies used on this website are as follows:
<Cookies used>
・Google Analytics "_ga"
"Google Analytics" is a tool that can analyze the usage status of websites provided by Google.
This website uses Google Analytics to understand the usage status of the website.
The information obtained by Google Analytics does not include any "information that can identify the individual customer".
For more information on Google Analytics cookies, please see below.
5. About disabling cookies
You can disable cookies by changing your browser settings.
The settings to disable cookies are different for each browser, so please refer to the help screen of the browser you are using.
6. Changes in our Cookie Policy
This Cookie Policy is subject to change without prior notice to the customer.
Please check the Cookie Policy regularly when using this website. The latest cookie policy takes precedence over all previous versions.