Pick Up Works

Honiara International Airport

Nazab Tomodachi International Airport

Palau Mariculture Demonstration Center Facility

the Protective Shelter and the Presentation of the Great Bath at Hisham's Palace

New Bohol Airport

TOYOTA Corolla Showroom

Embassy of Japan in Senegal

Air Freight Terminal 6

Hitachi Nippon Steel Wafer Fab Plant

Sengkang LRT Roof

Wacker Siltronic Fab

Palau International Airport

Taiwan High-Speed Rail Taichung Station

Marsiling MRT Station

Kiribati New Perliament House

Korea World Trade Center

K.L.Int’L Airport-Terminal “Visual Courtesy Of Malaysia Airports”

Accomplishment Works 1979-2024
SONATRACH Factory 2024 Algeria
Bandaranaike International Airport 2023 Sri Lanka
Children's Hospital in Freetown 2023 Sierra Leone
Embassy of Japan in Senegal 2022 Senegal
Self-Defense Forces 2022 Djibouti
Rehabilitation of Fishery Buildings 2022 Dominica
Nadzab Tomodachi Airport 2021 Papua New Guinea
Honiara International Airport 2021 Solomon
Kaporo Artisanal Fishing Port 2021 Guinea
Judo and Sports Center 2021 Congo
Good class Bungalow 2020 Singapore
Protective Shelter and the Presentation of the Great Bath at Hisham's Palace 2019 Palestine
Facilities for Primary and Secondary Education in Ulaanbaatar 2019 Mongolia
Wind Power Generation 2018 Tonga
National Institute for Research and Biomedical 2018 Congo
Mariculture Demonstration Center Facility 2018 Palau
UACJ THPJ Phease-3 2018 Thailand
New Bohol International Airport 2018 Philippines
TOYOTA COROLLA showroom 2018 Vietnam
Artisanal Fisheries Facilities in Mahe Island 2017 Seychells
Health Science Institute in Nacala 2017 Mozambique
Upgrading of Wharf for Domestic Transport 2017 Tonga
UACJ THPJ Phase-2-2 2017 Thailand
Improvement of Port Vila Main Wharf 2016 Vanuatu
YNP Project(TOHO Titanium) 2015 Saudi Arabia
Health Science Institute in Maputo 2015 Mozambique
The Clean Cities Project in Sudan 2015 Sudan
Senayan square 2014 Indonesia
Embassy of Japan in Timor-Leste 2014 East Timor
Renewable Energy for the Tonga 2014 Tonga
UACJ THPJ Phase-2 2014 Thailand
Rehabilitation of Monrovia Power System 2014 Liberia
Kinshasa National Vocational Training School 2013 Democratic Republic of the Congo
Hino Motors factory 2013 Malaysia
Education Facilities at Motufoua Secondary School 2013 Tuvalu
LIXIL Vietnam 2013 Vietnam
Motufoua Secondary School 2013 Tuvalu
TOKUYAMA Malaysia Ph-2 2012 Malaysia
Hospital for Communicable Disease 2012 Afghanistan
Yonki Toe of Dam Hydro 2012 Papua New Guinea
Tokuyama TMP Ph-2 2012 Malaysia
Tokuyama TMP Ph-1 2011 Malaysia
Fisheries Center In Libreville 2010 Gabon
Free Town Power Station 2009 Sierra Leone
Arzew Lpg Phase-3 2008 Algeria
New Iloilo Airport Development Project 2006 Philippines
Taiwan High Speed Rail Taichung Station 2004 Taiwan
LRT Punggol 14 Station 2003 Singapore
Fiji Phamaceutical Service Center 2003 Fiji
Int’al Airport Terminal Bld 2002 Palau
Princess Margaret Hospital 2002 Tuvalu
Gresik Copper Refinery 1997 Indonesia
Siam United Steel Cold Mill Complex 1997 Thailand
Hitachi-Nippon Steel Wafer Factory 1996 Singapore
Beilungang P/S Ph-2 Boiler 1996 P.R.C.
K.L.Int’l Airport-Satelite 1995 Malaysia
K.L.Int’l Airport-Terminal 1995 Malaysia
Karnaphuli Urea Fertilizer Plant 1993 Bangladesh
Reliance Steel-reroofing 1987 U.S.A.
General Motor Truck Assy 1984 Egypt
Lagos Thermal Power Station 1983 Nigeria
Asahan Smelter Reduction Plant 1981 Indonesia
Taiwan Honda Factory 1979 Taiwan